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Parking Ticket Appeals

Students, Faculty, and Staff:

First, log in to your personal Banner account through the Samford Portal (portal.samford.edu).
Click on the BANNER tab at the top of the page.
Click on the STUDENT & FINANCIAL AID menu. (Faculty/Staff should select the EMPLOYEE menu)

You will see a 90 day history of your citations. All citations available for appeal will remain active for 10 days. After 10 days, the citation becomes non-appealable, but is still available for viewing.

Appeal Process

The Parking Appeals Committee reviews and resolves traffic appeals submitted by students. The Parking Appeals Committee is composed of student peers from the Student Government Association (SGA) Judiciary Branch.

To appeal a citation, an online appeal must be completed in the student’s Banner account on the Transportation Services menu within 10 calendar days of the citation posting in Banner.

1. Student appeals citation in his/her Banner account.
2. Appeal is sent to Parking Appeals Committee.
3. Parking Appeal Committee reviews appeal, determines whether or not to Grant, Reduce or Deny the appeal.
4. The student will be notified via Samford e-mail of the Parking Appeals Committee decision.
5. The student’s account will automatically be adjusted according to the decision provided.

The decision of the Parking Appeals Committee appeals process is final. The student is fully responsible for payment of the citation regardless of the appeal decision, or the student’s decision not to appeal his/her citation.

Parking Appeals Committee Guidelines

The Parking Appeal Committee does not recognize the following as reasonable excuses for violating the parking policies of the University:

1. Lack of knowledge of parking policies on campus
2. Late to class, appointments, practice, or other events on campus
3. Parking illegally for a short amount of time
4. Parking illegally because other vehicles were doing the same
5. There was not enough parking available
6. Financial hardship

Here are some things to remember:

  • Citations may take up to two business days to post to your account.
  • If a citation you received does not post to your account, please contact parking@samford.edu, and we will correctly update your Banner page. It is important that you notify the Department of Transportation Services as early as possible to maintain your appeal eligibility.
  • The SGA Traffic Appeals Council will meet to discuss the appeal. You will be notified by your Samford e-mail address of their decision.
  • The online appeal does not negate financial responsibility for the citation.

Please visit the SGA Student Judiciary Council website for more information regarding parking appeals on campus.